Squash & Racquetball Grips & Dampeners

Just Squash offers the latest technology in squash grips and dampeners. Our grip range differ in absorption, thickness, weight, & feel. We have some great offers on quantity deals and are sure to have a grip colour and feel for your racket whatever type of squash player you are. 

It must be noted that there are a number of different types of grips available to you:

  • Soft Grips – In terms of popularity these are the most used grip in squash. Soft grips offer a size in-between that of an overgrip and replacement grip. Squash players often build their grips up using soft grips to find the perfect balance of comfort, absorbency and padding. Karakal, Tecnifibre, Yonex and Mantis offer these grips.

  • Over Grips – These are very thin and are simply wrapped over your current grip. These are not used to gain padding or offer any form of comfort. Overgrips come on various different textures, what you choose is simply your own preference, we sell ‘tacky’ and ‘dry’ Overgrips.

  • Replacement Grips – These are purchased and used when the original manufacturers grip has worn. It’s best to match your manufacturers original grip.

Finally we offer a large range of dampeners, these are an ideal accessory for absorbing vibration when the racket makes contact with the ball.