Squash Balls

Just Squash supplies squash balls for every type of squash player. Whether you are a corner to corner runner, a hard-hitting attacking player or if you are a drop and tuck squash specialist we are sure to have the best squash balls for you.

There are different types of squash ball to consider:

  • Double yellow dot (Super Slow) – This is regarded as the ball players use when they reach a reasonably high league status and is the chosen ball for tournaments, county squash and professional Squash.

  • Single yellow dot (Slow) – This ball is mostly used during colder weather conditions. For general play all year long it benefits new players who do not hit the ball hard.

  • Red Dot (Medium) – This ball is mostly used in coaching, it offers temperature consistency so the bounce and general play of the ball doesn’t change.

  • Blue Dot (Fast) – This ball is best for new players to the game in order to gain experience and confidence. It allows for more time and bounce for players to play their shots.

Browse our great selection of squash balls and find the perfect one for your game.

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